Currently Airing Anime – First Impressions: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar


Just look at that art. I just had to give this a watch. A try. At the very least. I’ve always been a hater on the hack. series because of its slow plot progression, but that can probably be blamed on my young age when I got to it. Being a massive lover of RPGs, I wish I could enjoy animes based on in game going ons/plot, but I just can’t. Sword Art Online was far too hyped up by the time I wanted to give it a go and even when I did watch the first episode two times, I couldn’t have cared less about it. The one anime I’ve tried which I approved of with the in game plotline was ‘Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru noha Machigatteiru darouka’, and even that left me cold after the first few episodes. But ‘Hai to Gensou no Grimgar’ is probably THE most disappointing of all the ones I’ve mentioned. As I’ve already said, the art is such an eye catcher, but that’s all it really has. The characters seem as generic as ever (even more so than last season’s Rokka no Yuusha which was still enjoyable for its suspect/mystery element), music as bland and typical as usual, but that god damn art/backdrops/designs (hey there male Sully from FE:A (y))!

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I already have a tough time even trying as many new animes as I can, but with the promotional cover as pictured above and its fantasy/new world genre and layout, I gave in.



Bottom line is: I’d have totally rather it have been an artbook instead of an anime.

Anime status: Dropped~


Gaming Corner: Fire Emblem Fates Hype


I could not be any more exited for this. The EU has yet to hear of a release date, which only makes seeing countdowns for when America gets it even more painful! There’s so much to the game, I can’t even stay on top of  all the news on it. I hate to admit it, but I only discovered Fire Emblem after stumbling on Awakening, which is my favorite 3DS game, and one of the few I’ve ever repeatedly played, and the only game I’ve ever purchased DLC for. I’m getting to a few older games from the franchise, from Path of Radiance, to The Sacred Stones and Shadow Dragon. I’m so excited for this release, I just need to pre-order (which isn’t like me at all!).

I could talk about this all day if I could, SO EXPECT MANY UPDATES TO THIS POST!

Favorite Feature: SUPER BEAVER


Now these guys kick some serious butt! Being a long ago discovery of mine thanks to their ‘Shinkokyu‘ song being used as ending nine of Naruto Shippuden, I’ve known and enjoyed them from time to time ever since. But it’s because of their most recent album, ‘愛する’, that’s got me really loving them. Just check out ‘Rashisa‘, one of their recent songs for the anime Barakamon, and especially pay attention to the lyrics which have thankfully been translated to the video. They’re an awesome band with wonderful melodies and beautiful lyrics to make it a neat, full package.

Be sure to look forward to more from there guys, who’ve recently put out what I personally think is their best track to date (check out ‘Urusai’ below!), beating even ‘Rashisa’ I’ve already mentioned and praised, which is just as perfect. Being an anime sweetheart to which I’m sure plenty others know the name, make sure you’ve now got this super band as one of your musical heroes too (SUPER BEAVER, cmon, sounds like a character from Tiger & Bunny).

Debuted and Majoring Feature: The Winking Owl

Complimenting my Indie Feature is Debuted and Majoring, and our first edition is The Winking Owl. Recently having come out with their debut EP ‘Open Up My Heart’, The Winking Owl make a grand job of sounding both Japanese and American, with strong female fronted vocals that mix Japanese and rather fluent Engrish. With the rocking sound, they could pass as a pop rock band similar to Paramore and Tonight Alive. Having randomly stumbled upon them and instantly falling in love with ‘The Ocean Floor‘, they’re an easy recommendation to make.

Also, just a fun fact to point out about myself in relation to their name as well as my whole blog layout: I’m a lover of owls!


Get the EP on Amazon or give a variety of their tracks a listen on this list on SoundCloud!

Indie Feature: For Tracy Hyde

This is a very recent discovery of mine that has sky rocketed up to being one of my favourite bands ever. For Tracy Hyde isn’t a well known band, and along with the fact that their sound is super sweet pop meets rock, it’s got indie all over. The vocals have a breathy tone to them, and the band being female fronted makes them too adorable and lovable. It’s a crime they don’t have more material out yet, but here’s fingers crossed!


Get the EP here on bandcamp, and find more from them on their YouTube and SoundCloud!

A change of plans

I originally created this blog to discuss anything J-pop like, but now I’ve decided to expand it to anything I’m into. This goes for my hobbies and likes, so here’s a list of everything you’ll find I’ll talk about on here. With this change going forward, I’ll be giving the layout a makeover too and hopefully become more active as a result.

宇多田 ヒカル – 桜流し 歌詞


Utada Hikaru’s ‘Sakura Nagashi’ (can be translated to ‘Flowing Cherry Blossoms’) was released back in 2012, spanning at about 4 minutes, 42 seconds. It’s a ballad, and a very beautiful one at that. I’ve been an Utada fan for a while now, and her slow and quiet ballad tracks are what got me into her in the first place. She is, actually, one of the very few mainstream Japanese singers I actually enjoy listening to, and this track reminds me why. The peaceful piano opener contrasts well with the build up towards the final few seconds of the track. It has a very soothing atmosphere throughout, thanks to Utada’s amazing range and tone. To me, she hits the notes amazingly, creating a very engaging ballad which isn’t tiring or boring to listen to. The song is about loss and love, with the English spoken phrase ‘everybody finds love in the end’ sang angelically twice within the song, making it a somewhat hopeful and bittersweet song. Utada expresses these strong emotions through her voice so well, it’s just so glorious. The MV is as peaceful and emotional as listening to the song itself, with beautiful scenery shots accompanied with another scene of a newborn baby and their mother. Being a digital download, the single is accompanied by only an instrumental track but is still definitely worth listening to since this ballad is definitely still as mesmerizing, even without Utada’s voice (though I still miss it when listening to the second track), it’s a beautiful track as an instrumental alone. Captivating.

So there we have it, my first ever review of something, ever. Check out this single if you haven’t already, and the MV too, as well as her other work and even a translation of the song! She’s definitely worth the attention. I hope you enjoyed my first ever review, please look forward to more in the future.